Supper Clubs

You will be delighting a 4-course dinner with hand-made tortillas and different hot sauces. A snack, beer or mezcal/tequila welcome cocktail and soft drinks will be included, you can BYOB.

– Entrée –
Plantain Molote
Filled with refried beans and cheese, served with morita sauce and sour cream

– Soup –
Tortilla soup
In beans stock with guajillo, avocado and sour cream

– Main –
Cochinita Pibil
Slow cocked pork marinated in annatto seeds, chillies and orange juice. Served with tortillas, bread, red onion escabeche, refried beans and habanero sauce

– Dessert –
Arroz con leche
Mexican rice pudding with coconut milk, lime and cinnamon  

All the menu can be adapted for pescatariansvegetarians and vegans, but we need to know in advance.
Please let us know about any food allergies that you have, or religious codes that may impact what kind of food you eat.